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Supporting you to live the balanced life by nourishing body, mind and soul.


What would it be like to live a better version of you…

or even just achieve your wellness goals?

Hi, I’m Kate! A Health Coach with a passion for empowering others to find their own path to well-being. I focus on balancing body, mind and soul. When one of these is off balance, unfortunately our health suffers.

I help those who seek wellness achieve a balanced life for themselves and their families.  I offer 1:1 and group coaching, online and in person. I also run wellness workshops and offer one off single sessions for many different wellness topics. Plus I have recently released a healthy kids activity book.

Wellness is so much more than clean eating and exercising…you really have to nurture not only the body, but the mind and soul also.  It’s a real balancing act! Wholeness = Wellness. 

Here are some tools for your wellness journey. If you would like to work with me, feel free give me a yell.



Get your free downloadable wellness tools here:






1:1 Coaching

One on one coaching programs are the recommended fast track to living the balanced life and creating a healthier you. 

You can check out my programs by clicking on the 1:1 coaching above. I’ll give you all the support, tools, recipes and workshops you need to get well on your way to wellness and being a better you. 

Group Workshops

Group workshops are run regularly on a range of wellness topics. They are conducted both online and in person so you can join in no matter what your location. 

See what workshops are currently available and secure your place.


Activity Book

A must have item for kids aged 5 and up. This awesome A4 size activity book includes 34 pages of super cool, healthy illustrations for the kids to colour-in and decorate however they like.

Have fun flicking through the pages of groovy activities and recipes that are sure to inspire healthy eating!  

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