Real people doing great things!

Hey people!! Isn’t this time of the year so freakin crazy….?!?!? I LOVE IT!

Take 5 and have a little read of this.

This blog entry is a little different to all my other entries, I’ve decided to interview a fellow wellness warrior to keep things fresh!

Meet Katie!!!!

I asked Katie Turner (no, I did not ask myself…HA!) to lend me her words for this blog. This is the first of my getting to know you blogs. Basically, I will ask some cool people to do a bit of a virtual interview with me and then I share it here on my blog…in the hope of continuing the wellness wave through knowledge, inspiration and maybe even a few little giggles.

So, how do I know Katie? Well she is family…yep, she’s one (yes there are many) of the fabulous Turner women (my in-laws) in my life. We don’t get to see or talk to each other much, but thanks to social media we are kept up to date from the other side of the country.

Katie is the creator of Global Lip Service, which is a fast growing online platform for people to review wellness business’ and services. How exciting right? Here’s the link…check it out! She is a personal trainer from way back and I  think she even got to rub shoulders with some pretty well known sportsmen. Katie is a wellness educator who trains and motivates people who want to join or who are already in the wellness service industry. She is a wealth of knowledge and she is passing it on to help others succeed. AND she is a mother! WHAAAAAAATTT? I know right….how does she do it all? Read on to hear from Katie!

Kate: So now that I’ve introduced you, tell us in your words a little bit about you!  

KATIE: I’m a mum, wellness presenter, fitness lecturer, personal trainer and have recently launched Global Lip Service and perhaps a little crazy !! I love love everything that I do so feel extremely lucky albeit pressed for hours in the day!

Kate: Why do you enjoy working in the wellness industry so much? You do, don’t you? haha!

KATIE: I have been in the wellness arena for 15 years now, prior to that I completed a degree in Economics and worked in Finance. I can’t imagine my life behind a desk or having the opportunity to help others leader a healthier existence.

Kate: What do you do in your ‘you time’ if you have any?

KATIE: My perfect ‘me’ day starts with a sweaty workout, followed by a sauna and something delicious to cook rather than my usual on the go meal! If I have time I like to squeeze in a massage or acupuncture treatment and top it off with a dry martini, it’s definitely about balance!

Kate: What is your worst habit?

KATIE: Definitely trying to multi-task everything! From emails to the dishes!

Kate: What is your one piece of advise for women who want achieve their dreams?

KATIE: You can have it all just not at the same time! It is definitely about prioritising, I couldn’t have started my business 3 years ago as my greatest importance was my daughter, now I feel a little more balanced and can do a bit of both!

Kate: Can you share your biggest ‘aha’ moment or life turning point?

KATIE: Definitely changing my career to something I was passionate about! 40 hours of trudging to work became 50 plus hours of passion and now I could work 24 hours a day if I didn’t have to sleep! That’s when you know you love what you do!

Kate: How do you fit in everything that you need to do?

KATIE: Every Sunday night I write a ‘To Do List” for the upcoming week! I ensure I include my own wellness sessions in there also, the healthier I am the more productive I am in all my roles, from mum , partner and “fitreprenuer” !

Kate: Is there anything else you want to get out there?

KATIE: Everybody starts somewhere whether it be a wellness journey, a new business venture or as a new mum. I love life’s adventures but sometimes they can seem a little tough, remember that a river cuts through rock not because of it’s power but because of it’s persistence”.

I think the other thing that I keep in mind is that if it was easy everyone would already be doing it! Keep at it as it will be worth it!!!

Kate: Wow!! That is inspiring stuff. Thanks for sharing Katie!!!

Well, that’s the first of my ‘getting to know you’ blogs. What did you all think? Please leave a comment.

Stay joyful!

Happy Christmas to you all!!!!! 

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